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Boosting Surveillance Efficiency: Quick Investigations with Matrix SATATYA SAMAS – Video Management System

Challenges of Analysing a Large Volume of Surveillance Footage with Video Management Software

Consider a large retail chain with 200 stores spread across the country, each equipped with hundreds and thousands of CCTV cameras and a comprehensive video surveillance system. These systems collectively capture video footage around the clock. On average, each store generates 100 hours of video footage per week, accumulating to a staggering volume of around 30, 00 hours of surveillance data for the entire retail chain.

The Crime: A Bold Heist

Amid this enormous volume of footage, a significant challenge emerges—a crime. In one of the retail chain’s stores, a bold heist occurred. A group of thieves executed a meticulously planned robbery, making off with high-value merchandise worth tens of thousands of dollars. The incident unfolded rapidly, and the criminals’ faces were concealed beneath masks.

However, the surveillance review team, comprising 8 full-time can only review a limited portion of this vast footage. They succeed in scrutinizing only a small percentage of the total video data generated by the retail chain’s video surveillance system.

In response, the retail chain’s loss prevention team leaps into action. They understand that the crucial evidence required to solve this case likely resides within the surveillance footage. However, the sheer volume of data transforms the search for relevant clips into a task reminiscent of finding a needle in a haystack. The clock ticks away, intensifying the need to swiftly identify the culprits.

The Solution: Playback and Investigation in Matrix SATATYA SAMAS

In the face of this daunting challenge, the retail chain recognized the urgency of improving its surveillance footage analysis. They turned to advanced video management software to streamline the process and maximize their investigative efficiency. One such solution was the implementation of Matrix SATATYA SAMAS.

Matrix SATATYA SAMAS offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to expedite video analysis and investigations. With a focus on efficiency, this video management system addresses the critical need to efficiently sift through vast amounts of surveillance footage in a time-sensitive manner.

Some of these features include:

Quick Search of Events

In Matrix SATATYA SAMAS, Video Management System, you can swiftly search for events based on specific dates and times, facilitating the pinpointing of desired footage with precision and speed.

Camera Grouping for Organized Retrieval

Matrix SATATYA SAMAS allows for intuitive camera grouping, simplifying the process of locating relevant recordings. CCTV cameras can be organized logically based on factors such as physical location, floor placement, or departmental affiliations.

Day Highlights

A standout feature within Matrix SATATYA SAMAS is the “Day Highlights.” This ingenious capability condenses an entire day’s worth of recordings into a matter of minutes, eliminating the need for time-consuming real-time viewing.

Time Compression for Swift Analysis

The Time Compression feature offers a dynamic solution to the challenge of lengthy recordings. This functionality empowers you to navigate through recordings at an accelerated pace, with adjustable timeline compression options such as 1 minute, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, or 1 day.


IVA Configuration in Playback

In Matrix SATATYA SAMAS you can seamlessly integrate Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) in  Playback mode. This enables you to configure advanced analytics like Motion Detection, Intrusion Detection, Missing Object Detection, and Camera Tampering even after an event has occurred. With this, you can receive real-time notifications and access relevant logs and event snapshots to promptly retrieve evidence.

Thorough Review with Variable Playback Speed

Precise examination of video recording is pivotal during investigations. With Matrix SATATYA SAMAS you can adjust playback speed gradually for meticulous scrutiny. This methodical approach, offering variable speeds such as 1/2x, 1/4x, -1/2x, and -1/4x, ensures that no essential detail goes unnoticed during analysis.

 Bookmarking and Exporting Evidence

This system allows you to bookmark specific clips with precise date and time stamps. These marked segments can be easily exported in .avi format for seamless sharing. Additionally, snapshots of key events can be captured and exported in JPEG or PDF format, ensuring the comprehensive sharing of crucial information.

Securing Evidence with Evidence Lock

With the evidence lock feature, you get the means to safeguard critical evidence. By overruling retention policies, this feature ensures that essential evidence remains intact and unaltered for as long as required.

Efficient Investigations with Matrix SATATYA SAMAS

In this challenging scenario, the retail chain can swiftly harness the power of Matrix SATATYA SAMAS. By implementing this advanced video management software, they can significantly improve their investigative capabilities. The once-daunting task of analyzing vast amounts of surveillance footage becomes more manageable, leading to quicker resolution of cases like the bold heist.

In the realm of combating crime, efficiency, and precision are paramount. Matrix SATATYA SAMAS proves to be a game-changer, enabling the retail chain to enhance its surveillance capabilities and ensure a safer shopping environment for its customers.

 Experience a More Efficient Approach

Ready to streamline your surveillance and investigation processes? Elevate your security efforts with Matrix SATATYA SAMAS.

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