About Us

“Life Safety & Security” is India’s leading Monthly Magazine on work Safety, Fire Safety and Security & Surveillance. With the experienced media team & creative support, it has created strong brand recall among the who’s who in Fire, Safety & Security Industry across India. It gives us immense pleasure & deep satisfaction, when we peep in the history of the publishing of the very well accepted & recognized ” Life Safety & Security “ magazine. We, at this juncture, wish to heartily acknowledge the continuing kind patronage of our subscribers making it No. 1 Magazine in the entire South Asia region, which covers all the safety segment I. e. Protective Equipments, Safety Equipments, Protective Clothing, Fire Suppression Systems, Explosion Suppression System, Gas & Dust detection Systems, Fire rescue Boats, Sprinkler System, Smoke & Heat Extraction Systems, Fire Resistant Building Material, Fireproof Paints and Coatings, Homeland Security, Access Control, Counter Terrorism Policing and Law Enforcement with all aspects, along with latest articles, review & technical update. In this magazine you will find major issues, information about safety & Fire sector as well as security sector, interesting article from different authors, market trends, new technology, methods to prevent of different fire fighting & its management equipment manufacture companies. It is evident that the success depends on maintaining good standards by adapting to products & services with latest technology. This requires constant emphasis on product development, convenient & cost effective technology and systems. This magazine has progressively witnessed an exponential growth in the products and services offerings in the Safety, Fire & Security Industry. This magazine helps the producers, service providers, industrial and SME consumers to keep abreast of the innovations & inventions in this sector. It gives us immense pleasure & contentment to know that we are pioneers of the field and have been rewarded by getting accepted by our target audience and others who have made us “Numero Uno” in our segment.

Editorial Focus:
The magazine covers all the leading topics related to fire and safety products and services, commercial and homeland security. The editorial focus is on Market Trends, Business Technology, Engineering and Equipment. These evaluations deliver critical information to all the eminent persons in the industry. The unique features, combined with product-based editorial in the field, generate strong readership and reader loyalty.

The circulation of ” Life Safety & Security ” Magazine provides good volume of information to maximum possible qualified recipients. The Qualified recipients are individuals who have titles of Fire Officers, Safety & Security Heads, Factory Inspector All Industrial Body, Fire/EMS Chiefs from Hospitality Industry, Firefighters, Industrial Safety & Health Officers, Responders, Researchers, General Manager- Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting, Station In charge- Fire Brigade, Head- Aviation Security & Vigilance, Dy. Fire Advisor, Safety & Legal Officer, Inspector Fire & Safety, EHS Manager, Technologists, Builders & Architects, etc.

We feel proud to have our name recognized as a very well known & established magazine with around 8,500 circulations around the globe. To keep up the tradition and wishing to cover the entire spectrum of this Industry, we do participate in about 10 exhibitions related to the industry national as well as internationally to circulate & distribute free copies and to increase our subscriber base. Our advertisers are assured to get widespread reach to the targeted market.