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A technology triumvirate to help you chill this holiday season

Thanks to Hikvision AcuSense and ColorVu technologies, small business and home owners can enjoy a relaxed holiday break with a powerful security solution looking after their premises and assets remotely.

At this time of year, our thoughts turn to the heartwarming idea of a long holiday break enjoying sun and sea. Though it is unlikely that we can go on a typical holiday activity that we’ve loved, hopefully a nice relaxing break is still possible.

But no matter where and how we will relax this summer, before we start packing we also feel a little anxious. Not just because we wonder what we should pack, but also about things that are left behind! We want to make sure everything is safe and sound during our travels. For households and business owners, this can be about a secured backyard, locked doors and windows, closed water valves, safe gas and electricity, and many others.

Hikvision’s latest Pro Series cameras can take over the security duties for you. Now Hikvision has embedded both its AcuSense AI technology and its low-light ColorVu technology. This combination creates a powerful hybrid, providing 4K ultra HD color for you to see a scene clearly, and the intelligence to be able to recognize a security breach. What’s more, all these can be accessed and viewed remotely using Hik-Connect app on your smartphone or tablet.

With this triumvirate of combined technologies and abilities, you can enjoy a laid-back life.

See it clearly…

We understand that you might be concerned about your pretty garden that you’ve been looking after with care, or your cat that is fed by a pet sitter during your leave. There is nothing better than a high quality, full-color real-time video which can reassure you. And that’s what the Hikvision cameras with ColorVu can provide.

Hikvision ColorVu technology ensures the best possible vivid color to be reproduced in extremely dark scenarios, even on a moonless night. Cameras with ColorVu guarantee video with colorful details when they are needed.

Access it easily…

Next, it’s about how you see it.It is easy with the Hik-Connect app on your smartphone, which connects and communicates with all your security devices at your premises. With Hik-Connect, you have full access to real-time feeds, you can playback and receive event notifications remotely, even when you are lying on a beach. So you can easily look in on your pets or garden anytime.

Understand it quickly…

A carefree summertime break also means you are not disturbed as much as possible. You may have experienced annoying frequent alerts, from a traditional security system. And when you checked an event alert, you found nothing but a swaying tree in your front yard from the camera view. This type of ‘no-threat’ incident may happen from time to time, making people frustrated during a holiday.

Hikvision AcuSense AI technology can help you solve this conundrum. By using AI, it enables a security camera to only trigger an alarm when a human or a vehicle pops up in the camera view, for example, if someone enters the restricted area in your warehouse, so you can focus on the real threats and act only when needed. At the end of the day, no one wants to be bothered in a relaxing environment. To take things one step further, some cameras with AcuSense AI can flash to deter the intruder away, or even allow you to give a warning through the built-in speaker. In this way, you don’t really need to worry and waste time on your holiday.

A powerful combination

With AcuSense and ColorVu, the latest Hikvision Pro series cameras are able to deliver much clearer, vivid color images helping you to see the scene clearly. It also means that you can understand much more readily what you are looking at, with automated alerts demonstrating real security breaches. And everything can be viewed right in the palm of your hand.

Let technology take away the stress, so you can chill out this holiday season!

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