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New innovative Hikvision AX PRO Wireless Triple Signal Detector takes false alarm reduction to a new level

The newly introduced AX PRO alarm product line has the Wireless External Wireless Triple Signal Detector and (optional) dedicated camera module. This powerful intruder detection system provides a better image, more precise detection, and a handy modular design – all working to enhance alarm system capabilities for both homeowners and small businesses.

Tapping into the industry trend of using external passive infrared (PIR) detectors for video verification, the detector protects a property with innovative technology for precise detection and video verification.

Wireless Triple Signal Detector innovation reduces false alarms

In these scenarios, false alarms are often triggered by anything from bad weather to leaves or branches to pets. The answer to dealing with these is to be able to identify them and ignore them as ‘non-threats’. As its name suggests, a Wireless Triple Signal Detector uses three sensors: a PIR sensor at the top, a microwave sensor, and another PIR sensor at the bottom. This means that it can detect at various heights, with a 15m and 90° adjustable detection area, more precisely identifying what is actually triggering the alarm.

Patented Independent Floating Threshold (IFT) technology allows the detectors to adjust their thresholds based on the environment infrared and background noise automatically and dynamically. This essentially reduces false alarms caused by background noise interference.

The detector uses digital temperature compensation to automatically adjust the alarm threshold according to environment. This also means it is much more resilient in bad weather conditions, and enables consistent detection throughout.

Any successful security systems is subject to attempts to overcome it. One of these is ‘masking’, where a potential criminal ‘covers’ the sensor(s), for example with a spray. The AX PRO device uses active IR anti-masking – the detector can initiate a mask-processing sequence to check whether it has been masked or not. The ‘operator’ receives an alarm and can act accordingly.

And there’s more

The optional camera module provides GIF verification, allowing the ‘operator’ to see an image of an ‘incident’ for visual verification. The module has a 2.0mm lens with adjustable angle and can provide up to 20 images with VGA/QVGA/QQVGA formats.

Other features include:

  • Pet immunity up to 40 kg
  • Waterproof to IP65 standard
  • Automatic sensitivity
  • Easy to install and cost-effective, with no power/network cables needed.

In a market where accurate intruder alerting is exploding and verification is becoming more important, the Wireless Triple Signal Detector can provide an innovative solution in a wide range of scenarios.

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