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Matrix Introduces SATATYA VMSP: The All-in-One Video Surveillance Solution Integrating NVR, Server, and VMS on a Single Platform

Matrix, a leader in security solutions, is excited to announce the launch of the SATATYA VMSP, a new Video Management Software Platform. This enterprise-grade, server-based Network Video Recorder provides a turnkey video surveillance solution for medium to large organizations. Coming in three variants, supporting up to 255 Channels each, this VMSP server has 8/16/24 SATA Channels with a storage capacity of 144TB/288TB/432TB each.

Challenges Faced by Customers

Many businesses struggle with insufficient storage capacity, making it hard to keep important video data for the desired duration. Complex configuration processes often require a lot of time and technical know-how, causing frustration and errors. Limited scalability can lead to performance issues and the need for costly system overhauls. Compatibility problems with cameras and other devices can delay deployment, and unreliable performance with frequent downtime can disrupt surveillance operations. Inadequate network bandwidth affects video quality, and cumbersome software updates along with high ongoing costs further add to the dissatisfaction. Additionally, businesses often have to purchase NVR, server, and VMS separately, which complicates the setup.


SATATYA VMSP Offers an All-in-One Solution, Integrating the technology of  NVR, Server and VMS 

The SATATYA VMSP server is designed to provide a simple, reliable, and scalable solution to these issues, with a focus on ease of use and high performance. The SATATYA VMSP server has three variants, each supporting up to 255 channels and offering a storage capacity of 144/288/432 TB.

SATATYA VMSP comes preloaded with the Microsoft 2019 LTSC Enterprise operating system, MSSQL database, and a built-in license dongle for Matrix SATATYA SAMAS – Video Management Software. All management, recording, and license servers are pre-installed, simplifying the setup process and reducing the need for additional software purchases.

Equipped with Intel 6-core and 16-core processors, the SATATYA VMSP ensures faster and smoother operations, handling intensive video surveillance tasks with ease. Utilizing a robust 64-bit .Net framework with RAM-based pre-buffer technology, the system offers smooth operation and faster data processing for seamless video recording and storage management. This architecture supports efficient handling of up to 255 channels of HD and UHD video.

Matrix SATATYA VMSP comes with four kinds of redundancies to ensure continuous recording even in the case of network, power, or storage failure. It also features hardware RAID 0/1/5/10/50/60 support, offering data redundancy to users.

It has all the capabilities of Matrix SATATYA SAMAS – Video Management Software, including support for all the Intelligent and Advanced IVAs, E-Map Monitoring, User-defined Roles and Rights, and Time-Lapse and Day Highlights features for perceptive monitoring.

With the launch of SATATYA VMSP, Matrix is committed to addressing the critical pain points faced by businesses in their video surveillance efforts. By offering an all-in-one solution that integrates NVR, server, and VMS technology, Matrix simplifies deployment, enhances performance, and ensures reliable, scalable, and comprehensive video surveillance management.

Kaushal Kadakia, Marketing Manager, Matrix Comsec said, “We are thrilled to introduce the SATATYA VMSP. This comprehensive, high-performance solution revolutionizes video surveillance for medium to large organizations. With its all-in-one design, and preloaded software, OS, and DB, SATATYA VMSP simplifies setup, enhances scalability, and ensures reliable, seamless video management. It’s the perfect choice for businesses looking to streamline their surveillance operations with a user-friendly and robust system.”





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