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Matrix Embedded IP PBX Server Enhanced IP Communication For A Renowned Super Specialty Hospital


VoIP Communication Solution



Products offered: 

  • Matrix PRASAR UCS: SPARK200: Embedded IP-PBX Server
  • Matrix SPARSH VP510E: Premium Standard SIP Phone
  • Matrix SPARSH VP210: Entry-level Gigabit IP Phone



Client Overview: 

A distinguished nonprofit organization recently launched a cutting-edge 1000-bed Multi Super Specialty Hospital and Research Centre in Surat, Gujarat. This initiative aims to address medical gaps, especially in highly specialized fields. To date, the hospital has served over 3 million outpatient (OPD) cases and performed surgeries for 800,000 patients. Renowned for its advanced amenities, the hospital attracts patients from local and international communities. It prioritizes serving low-income groups and beneficiaries of the Ayushman Bharat Yojana. Moreover, the hospital delivers comprehensive services, including consultations and diagnostics, adhering to global standards. The NABH accreditation further solidifies its position as a leading healthcare provider in India.


The client was previously associated with a brand of foreign origin. However, despite their efforts to boost operations through day-to-day communication efficiency, they encountered no improvements. Instead, their investment turned out to be an expensive affair. Their challenges can be summarized as follows:

  • Advanced Functionality: The current brand could not offer advanced IP features.
  • Recurring charges:  An Annual Maintenance Cost of almost 80 Lacs was proving a headache for the authorities.
  • Safeguard existing Investment: The existing devices had to be integrated and enhanced with new, but more advanced solutions.


The VoIP communication solution by Matrix was seamlessly integrated, with a gateway from another brand, incorporating an embedded IP PBX and premium Standard SIP desk phones. Below is a detailed description of the solution:

  • The gateway allows an IP connection to a network switch, which enables two IP phone connections.
  • An IP connection from the network switch extends to SPARK200 (Active and Standby). SPARK200 enables connection to multiple IP Phones.


The diverse needs of the multi-specialty hospital were carefully addressed with a Matrix VoIP communication solution. These solutions enabled effortless communication throughout the facility, thanks to a range of contemporary features embedded within the system. Additionally, the scalability ensured the solution’s readiness for future requirements. Let’s explore how this VoIP communication solution notably improved the hospital’s operations.

  • End to recurring charges: The Matrix Solution resolved their most pressing issue, providing a more sensible licensing structure to prevent any recurring costs, effectively conserving their resources.
  • Safeguarding Existing Investment: The Matrix Solution seamlessly integrates with the current network infrastructure, optimizing existing resources while simultaneously upgrading communication capabilities with advanced features offered by Matrix devices.
  • Modern features: The hospital now benefits from a modern array of features provided by the Unified Communication solution. Features such as Auto Call Back, Scheduled Call Forwarding, and Department Group Call Forwarding, among others, have been integrated to enhance operational efficiency.

Operational Efficiency: The VoIP communication solution facilitated a smooth flow of information, significantly enhancing workflow efficiency. Consequently, the hospital is experiencing a seamless exchange of information.


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