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Matrix Comsec Confirms Participation in the 5th Rail Analysis Innovation and Excellence Summit, to be held in New Delhi on 30th January 2024

Matrix is excited to present its array of security products and solutions at Booth No. 2, Hotel Le Méridien, New Delhi, during the 5th Rail Analysis Innovation and Excellence Summit.

Matrix is the first Indian company to offer RDSO 6.0-compliant cameras for Indian Railways. Matrix cameras are certified by STQC, Delhi lab for following the OWASP ASVS 4.0 L2 norms mandated by RDSO for cybersecurity.

Matrix Cameras are designed to ensure that the data gathered by these cameras is secured against cyber threats at the time of transmission and storage.

At the event, Matrix will showcase its cutting-edge IP Video Surveillance solutions encompassing enterprise-grade VMS, NVRs, and IP Cameras with resolutions up to 8MP. Matrix will also introduce its All-Color Camera, capable of capturing colored images even in no-light/low-light conditions. Featuring warm LEDs, these cameras have the same enclosure as the Turret IP Camera, making post-installation maneuverability easy.

In addition to its diverse range of IP Cameras for comprehensive security, Matrix will be showcasing its newly launched Ruggedized IP Camera, which is EN50155 compliant. The cameras are anti-vibrant and shock-resistant, making them ideal for roadways and railways. Matrix Ruggedized IP Cameras cater to Transportation’s dynamic needs with high-quality video, low-light sensitivity, and versatile Rail and roadway monitoring features. It can capture images inside moving vehicles at Zap Speed.

Matrix will also be showcasing its PTZ IR Camera at the event. Having up to 42x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom, these cameras are ideal for capturing details from a distance. The pan-tilt-zoom features in these cameras 360 – degree surveillance.

Furthermore, Matrix will display its existing line of Project Bullet IP Cameras, and Project Dome IP Cameras, specifically designed for large-scale organizations. These Project Series IP Cameras come with UL Certification, a globally recognized safety standard, and NEMA Certification, ensuring resilience against environmental threats. These cameras offer high-resolution imagery for enhanced clarity and protection.

Advanced surveillance systems demand robust video recording solutions with ample storage capacity and redundancy to ensure continuous 24/7 surveillance with minimal downtime. Matrix addresses this need with its Enterprise Network Video Recorder (ENVR) line, capable of supporting up to 256 channels and boasting a storage capacity of up to 144 TB. Attendees of the event will have the opportunity to experience this innovation firsthand.

To enhance proactive video surveillance capabilities, visitors can explore SATATYA SAMAS, Video Management Software (VMS), featuring Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) like tripwire, intrusion detection, motion detection, no-motion detection, and more. With features like E-map Monitoring and user-defined Roles and Rights, Matrix SATATYA SAMAS is highly scalable and can connect up to 65,535 cameras and 255 cameras/recording servers while enabling up to 1,000 concurrent users.

In the domain of Access Control and Time-Attendance, Matrix will be showcasing COSEC ARGO FACE, an intelligent door controller featuring high-speed face recognition technology. With cutting-edge features such as Adaptive Face Recognition, Face Liveness Detection, and Mask Compulsion, this device addresses evolving security threats. Its deep learning algorithm ensures swift identification in under 0.5 seconds, with a user capacity of 50,000, providing organizations with top-tier security.

Matrix will also showcase COSEC VEGA, Matrix’s groundbreaking embedded Linux-based AADHAAR-enabled biometric attendance device, registered on the AEBAS Server. With authentication in under 1.5 seconds, it seamlessly verifies users through their AADHAAR number stored in the smart card and fingerprint. This device offers unparalleled reliability, convenience, speed, and data security, empowering government organizations to optimize workforce productivity.

Kaushal Kadakia, Marketing Head, expresses, “The 5th Rail Analysis Innovation and Excellence Summit offers an excellent platform for us to showcase our specialized security solutions tailored for the Indian Railways. We anticipate engaging with key decision-makers from the Indian Government to discuss potential collaborations and advancements in railway security.”



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