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Matrix Chosen by Historic Vadodara University for Attendance Management Optimization


Application      Time-Attendance

Users               3000

Industry           Education, Government

Credential        Fingerprint

Location          Multi-Location, Vadodara

Company Profile

Situated in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, this venerable university stands as one of the oldest in the country, tracing its roots back to 1881. Honoring a forward-thinking ruler, it has evolved into a prominent public institution that provides a diverse array of academic programs spanning arts, sciences, engineering, and management. Dedicated to delivering top-notch education and cultivating a culture of research and innovation, the university features a sprawling campus and holds a distinguished position for its commitment to excellence in the realm of Indian education.


Confronted with a significant hurdle in the form of a competitor’s attendance tracking system for its teaching staff, the university embarked on a quest for a more precise and streamlined method to record daily attendance across its various campuses. The primary goal was to establish a centralized platform dedicated to attendance management, focusing on improving employee access to attendance records and facilitating efficient leave request management. A key consideration was the necessity for a tailored provision to accommodate professors frequently moving across campuses for lecture commitments. This case study explores the university’s journey in pursuit of a robust attendance management solution catering to 3000 users, addressing specific challenges and optimizing operational efficiency.


The university encountered significant challenges in ensuring the smooth operation of its Attendance Management System, including:

Inefficiency in the Existing Attendance Management Solution:

The university grappled with issues stemming from an ineffective competitor’s attendance management system, adding complexity rather than facilitating streamlined operations. This inefficiency extended to the complexities of managing attendance across diverse faculties, further complicating university-level payroll processing.

Inconsistencies in Daily Attendance Recording for Teaching Staff:

A crucial necessity for the university was the seamless daily recording of professors’ attendance. The imperative for a well-organized system became evident to ensure accurate tracking and efficient payroll management.

Lack of Proper Attendance Management Across Multiple Campuses:

With campuses spread across different locations, the university faced the pressing need to centralize attendance data. This centralization was crucial for the effective management of attendance records across all campus locations.

Delayed Data Transmission from Devices:

The existing solution encountered difficulties as punch data from devices experienced delays in reaching the system promptly. This lag resulted in complications, necessitating manual synchronization efforts to rectify the issue.

Employee Accessibility Issues for Attendance Data and Leave Management:

Staff members encountered limitations in accessing their attendance data through the current system. Furthermore, the absence of support for submitting leave requests contributed to inefficient leave management practices, prompting a demand for more effective solutions.

Faced with these operational challenges, the university embarked on a quest for innovative solutions to improve its attendance management processes’ overall efficiency and effectiveness.


To address the critical issues faced by the client, Matrix successfully implemented a comprehensive solution that effectively resolved the organizational challenges they were encountering.

Matrix executed its Attendance Management System to achieve:

Deployment of a Comprehensive Attendance Management System:

Matrix effectively implemented an enterprise-grade Time-Attendance Solution, successfully tackling the client’s organizational hurdles in attendance management. This solution streamlined the entire attendance process, simplifying complexities across various campuses.

Seamless Attendance Recording for Teaching Staff:

Matrix introduced biometric devices across different faculties, enabling effortless attendance logging for teaching staff. The widespread availability of devices ensured accurate tracking and efficient payroll management.

Centralized Attendance Management Across Multiple Campuses:

Matrix established a centralized solution for attendance management, consolidating data from various campuses. This centralized approach facilitated effective control and oversight of attendance across diverse locations.

Automated Data Transmission from Devices:

Matrix Time-Attendance terminals were equipped with automated data push technology. This feature ensured timely and automated data transfer from devices to the server, eliminating the need for manual synchronization and enhancing operational efficiency.

User-Friendly Employee Self-Service Portal:

Matrix provided a comprehensive solution, including an Employee Self-Service portal. This portal enabled users to access attendance data on their devices and submit leave requests. With its hierarchy-based approval system, Matrix streamlined the leave management process.

The innovative solutions offered by Matrix not only resolved the client’s challenges but also significantly enhanced attendance operations, promoting improved efficiency throughout the organization. This case study highlights Matrix’s capability to tailor solutions to meet unique client needs, ultimately optimizing business processes.


Matrix’s deployment of its Enterprise-grade Time-Attendance Solution brought about a remarkable transformation in the operations of the historic university based in Vadodara.

Confronting challenges posed by an inefficient attendance management system, Matrix successfully streamlined the entire process, introducing clarity in payroll processing and simplifying attendance tracking across diverse faculties. The use of Matrix biometric devices facilitated seamless attendance marking for teaching staff, contributing to efficient payroll management.

The implementation of a centralized attendance management system across multiple campuses significantly improved control and efficiency in handling attendance data. Matrix addressed delays in data transmission by deploying terminals equipped with automated data push technology, eliminating the need for manual synchronization.

Furthermore, the implementation included a user-friendly Employee Self-Service Portal, allowing staff to effortlessly view attendance data and submit leave requests. Matrix’s provision of a hierarchy-based approval system streamlined the client’s leave management requirements. These tailored solutions markedly enhanced operational efficiency, resulting in a more streamlined, accurate, and transparent organizational operation. Matrix’s success in optimizing attendance processes underscores its commitment to delivering innovative solutions tailored to the unique requirements of its clients.

Products Offered 

Products Offered Description
COSEC VEGA FOT Fingerprint and RFID card-based Time-Attendance Terminal
COSEC CENTRA PLT Platform-based User License
COSEC CENTRA TAM User License for Time-Attendance Management
COSEC CENTRA ESS User License for Employee Self-Service Management

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