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Introducing the NVRXS: Network Video Recorders for Small Businesses

Matrix, a renowned pioneer in the field of security solutions, is thrilled to introduce the NVRXS – a dedicated Network Video Recorder tailored for small and medium businesses. We understand that smaller enterprises require efficient network video recorders capable of extended data retention without unnecessary frills or features that do not align with their specific needs.

Channel Variants for Versatile Deployment

The NVRXS is available in three flexible variants: 4-channel, 8-channel, and 16-channel configurations to meet the specific video recording requirements of the MSME business.

10 TB Storage Support

NVRXS comes with 1 SATA port that can support up to 10TB of data storage, which ensures that you can store an extensive amount of high-resolution video data. This means you can retain important footage for longer periods, facilitating investigative work and compliance with data retention regulations.

Seamless Streaming Experience

The NVRXS boasts an impressive 360 Mbps throughput. This means you can enjoy a seamless streaming experience, even when multiple cameras are active. You’ll never miss a moment, and every detail is captured in stunning clarity.

Adaptive and Smart Recording

Building upon the success of its predecessors, the NVRX, the NVRXS also incorporates adaptive and smart recording features. Adaptive recording optimizes storage by switching to a lower bitrate when no activity is detected. Likewise, smart recording allots different bitrates to streams based on importance.

This dual benefit not only conserves storage space but also streamlines video retrieval, ensuring you have the footage you need when it matters most.

Integration with Matrix Access Control

The NVRXS integrates seamlessly with Matrix Access Control systems for enhanced security management. This combination empowers you to have a unified security solution, where access control and video surveillance work hand in hand, offering a holistic security experience.

Fanless and Ventless Design

The NVRXS boasts a fanless and ventless design, making it suitable for various environments. Without fans or vents, it operates silently and is resilient to dust and debris. This ensures its reliability in harsh conditions.

Cascade up to 20 NVRs Using a Master-Slave Configuration

With cascading support, you can connect up to 20 NVRs using a master and slave configuration to access all the cameras connected to the NVR loop. This scalability allows you to add more cameras and storage as your needs grow, providing a future-proof solution for your evolving security requirements.

High Throughput of 360 MBPS for Seamless Streaming

The NVRXS supports an uplink and downlink capacity of 180 Mbps each. This ensures efficient data transfer to and from the network, reducing latency and enabling real-time monitoring and retrieval.

Inbuilt DHCP Server Support

The inbuilt DHCP server support simplifies network management by automating IP address assignment. This feature streamlines network configuration and maintenance, reducing the need for manual intervention.

NDAA Compliance

In compliance with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the NVRXS meets the stringent requirements for ensuring the security and integrity of surveillance data. This feature is especially important for businesses and organizations dealing with government contracts and sensitive data. 


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