An Interface With Mr. Ganesh Jivani, CEO, Matrix Comsec

Q. Matrix has been the best brand in Enterprise Security & Biometrics Security Solutions; could you share with our readers the success mantra of this wonderful journey?

One of the most distinctive features that define our solutions at Matrix is our unwavering commitment to a set of deeply ingrained values. At the heart of our company’s ethos is the value of SUBSTANCE, which my dedicated team and I wholeheartedly embrace. Our mission is clear: we aim to infuse substance into every aspect of our work – from the technology we develop, to the applications we create, the functions we offer, the features we incorporate, and the unwavering performance we deliver. We take pride in our commitment to flexibility, reliability, and outstanding customer support.

Our market positioning revolves around the idea of enriching our products and services with these fundamental values. We are driven to offer more than just superficial solutions. We understand that true excellence goes beyond the surface and delves deep into the essence of what we provide.

Furthermore, our dedication extends to our customers and partners. We prioritize staying connected with them and providing 24 X 7/365 technical support, ensuring that they receive prompt and sincere assistance after the sale. Our guiding principle is clear: “Never leave a customer unsatisfied!” We firmly believe that this mantra not only fuels our growth but also plays a pivotal role in shaping our destiny in the market.

In essence, our commitment to values, our unyielding pursuit of substance, and our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction are the cornerstones that define Matrix’s success and influence our journey in the market.

Q. What is the latest products launched by Matrix? Could you brief us about their usage & how is it helpful?

Artificial Intelligence stands as the technological marvel of our decade, and at Matrix, we’re harnessing this cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the world of surveillance and access control. Our range of IP cameras represents the forefront of this AI-driven innovation, with two exciting new series – the Turret Series and Ruggedized Series.

These cameras are meticulously designed to cater to the evolving needs of modern enterprises. They don’t just capture images; they incorporate core technologies such as image optimization and intelligent video analytics, ensuring a consistent and exceptional performance that sets a new standard in the industry. But our commitment to innovation doesn’t stop there. In the realm of Network Video Recorders (NVRs), Matrix is set to unveil a comprehensive range specifically tailored for medium and large enterprises. This turnkey solution integrates a powerful Video Management application with top-notch hardware, offering an all-in-one solution for businesses seeking seamless video management, recording, and storage capabilities in a single device.

In the domain of Access Control and Time-Attendance, Matrix has raised the bar by introducing state-of-the-art Face Recognition technology. Our COSEC Face Recognition system is the embodiment of deep learning technology, meticulously crafted to meet the unique user identification needs of organizations. Its robust user identification algorithm excels even in challenging environmental conditions, providing unparalleled accuracy and speed.

One of our standout products in this category is the COSEC ARGO FACE, a high-speed face recognition door controller. Powered by AI-based deep learning technology, it guarantees precision, security, and stellar performance. With adaptive face enrollment and face liveness detection capabilities, this product redefines security in the workplace. It brings benefits such as contactless authentication, lightning-fast identification to eliminate bottlenecks, and impeccable imaging even in low-light conditions. Beyond this, Matrix brings in COSEC ATOM Series – an access control reader made using world-class technology. This series supports contactless credential – mobile-based BLE authentication and traditional credentials such as RFID cards, PINs, and fingerprints. Its design embodies the ideals of security, elegance, and top-tier performance. With features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, PoE, USB, and certifications like IP65 and IK07, this addition represents a pinnacle of engineering innovation. With Wiegand communication, it supports easy third-party door controller integration.

In summary, Matrix’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology, coupled with our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of modern enterprises, places us at the forefront of AI-driven solutions in the fields of surveillance and access control.

Q. How do you find the Security solutions and Access Controls market in India? Name a single product where you hold the maximum market share in Indian markets?

The security solutions and access control market in India looks pretty promising. There has been a noticeable increase in awareness among businesses and organizations regarding the importance of having strong security measures, which included access control systems. People have started to embrace more advanced technologies like face as credential in biometrics, smart cards, and IP-based access control systems. This shift was largely due to the rising security threats and the need to comply with regulations, especially in sectors like healthcare and finance.

With cities growing rapidly and more commercial spaces popping up, the demand for access control solutions are on an all-time rise. Government initiatives like Smart Cities and Make in India were also contributing to the development and adoption of modern security technologies.

Q. What is your market expectations with regards to the new product launches from the Indian Sub-continent Region especially with regards to Entry management Devices?

When it comes to new product launches in the Indian subcontinent, especially in the realm of entry management devices, there’s a sense of anticipation and optimism. Here’s why: First off, the demand for entry management devices, think access control systems and visitor management solutions, has been steadily climbing. Security and efficient visitor handling are becoming increasingly important in places like offices, residential areas, hospitals, and schools.

What’s exciting is the technological progress. Indian companies are really pushing the envelope, working on more advanced and user-friendly entry management devices. They’re integrating things like biometrics such as Face, Fingerprint, RFID, and to make these systems more secure and convenient. The Indian government’s initiatives, like Digital India and Make in India, are giving a boost to innovation and local manufacturing. This means we can expect a broader range of products and potentially more budget-friendly options.

Speaking of budgets, the focus on smart cities in India means there’s a growing market for entry management devices that can be part of these modern urban projects. And let’s not forget about regulations. Data protection and security requirements are getting stricter, which is prompting businesses and organizations to seek out entry management solutions that help them stay compliant. It’s a competitive landscape out there, with established players and startups all vying for attention. That’s driving innovation and improvements in what’s on offer.

Q. Brief us about your Global presence & outreach?

Matrix’s products have not only made a significant impact in indian market but have also garnered considerable recognition in international markets. We’ve established a global footprint with regular exports to over 50 countries, spanning continents such as North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Some of the countries we proudly serve include the USA, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and many more.

Our journey into the international arena has been nothing short of remarkable. It’s a testament to our commitment to delivering world-class products underpinned by cutting-edge technologies. Our success isn’t just about offering superior products; it’s also about providing world-class support and services that ensure our customers abroad receive exceptional value. We’ve learned that the key to our encouraging experience in the global market lies in our unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards across every aspect of our business. From the excellence of our products to the responsiveness of our support and services, we strive to offer nothing less than world-class quality. This commitment continues to fuel our success story as we expand our reach and make a positive impact on businesses and communities around the world.

In essence, our journey in overseas markets underscores the universal appeal of our solutions, rooted in innovation and reliability, and reinforces our resolve to be a global leader in the field of security and access control.

Q. What is your opinion with regards to Cloud based Applications and Software Solution with regards to electronic Security Devices?

The trajectory of technological progress points decisively to the prominence of Cloud-based Solutions as the quintessential future. With Cloud-based Access Control and Time-Attendance Solutions, businesses gain a paramount advantage: unparalleled flexibility. This dynamic adaptability allows for the rapid scaling of resources and storage, ensuring that a company can seamlessly meet evolving business demands without committing to heavy investments in physical infrastructure.

This innovative approach liberates companies from the obligation to finance and construct infrastructure to support peak load levels. It provides a safeguard for data, whether at rest or in motion, shielding it from an array of security threats, unauthorized access, theft, and corruption.

The spectrum of benefits is so vast and transformative that it becomes nearly inconceivable for businesses not to contemplate the transition towards a cloud-based platform. In this age of technological evolution, embracing the Cloud is not just a choice; it’s a strategic imperative that unlocks new horizons of operational efficiency and security.

Q. Any special Message for our Readers & Budding or rising up start-up security Solution companies?

We find ourselves in an era where technology reigns supreme, shaping the very fabric of our lives and businesses. To thrive in this dynamic landscape, it is imperative that we not only embrace change but also proactively anticipate and cater to the evolving needs of our customers.

Adaptation is the key to survival and success. We must be agile and responsive, ready to pivot and align our offerings with the ever-shifting demands of our customer base. This demands a proactive approach to understanding and addressing their needs.

To accomplish this, our research team must be nothing short of exceptional. They are the architects of our future, tasked with deciphering market trends, deciphering customer preferences, and identifying emerging technologies. Their efficiency is paramount, as it determines our ability to respond swiftly, sometimes even ahead of our competitors.

In this era, our success hinges on our ability to not only keep pace with change but to stay one step ahead. We must be not only ready but eager to innovate, evolve, and meet the demands of our customers. Only then can we truly thrive in this technology-driven epoch, where adaptability and foresight are the keys to sustainable growth and relevance.

Q. Looking further ahead, how do you see Matrix Growing even more in the future, especially in the International market?

Biometric systems have become indispensable tools for organizations, serving diverse purposes. They are deployed to secure shared premises, meticulously track time and attendance, streamline cafeteria usage, and significantly reduce paper-based manual work, thereby minimizing errors.

In an era marked by the integration of biometric authentication with mobile devices, these systems are a part of our daily interactions. However, the future of biometrics extends far beyond our current applications. It holds immense potential in various sectors such as medicine, where it can enhance patient identification and security, banking services for seamless transactions, marketing research for accurate data collection, transportation for enhanced security and convenience, hospitalization to safeguard patient information, retail for personalized customer experiences, IT and BPO for secure access, and education, where it can revolutionize authentication methods.

The horizon for biometric trends is vast and promising, touching nearly every industry where robust and precise personal identification is essential. As technology continues to advance, biometrics will play an increasingly integral role in shaping the way we interact with and secure various facets of our lives and businesses.



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