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Prama Hikvision Introduces X-Ray Baggage Scanners

Prama Hikvision, the India’s leading video security solution provider has introduced the X-ray baggage scanner Hikvision NP-SC5030 X-ray baggage scanner, with the strong penetrating ability, X-ray maximum penetration is up to 43mm steel plate. It can check and detect baggage in a quick and precise way. It supports providing security checks for variety of baggage, like briefcases, parcels, express mail, hand luggage, and so on. It has three vital components, including baggage scanner, VGA distributor and display integrated terminal. The biggest USP of this X-ray baggage scanner is that it is faster and it also saves the power.

Hikvision X-ray baggage scanner highlights includes following:

Clear Image– High resolution scanner provides clear images.

Good Vision Performance– Strong penetrating ability, X-ray maximum penetration is up to 43mm steel plate.

Items Recognition– Multi-colour imaging for different objects.

Environmental Protection-Less radiation than the standard X-ray. The radiation at 5 cm distance outside of the device is 0.1 μGy/h = 0.1 μSv/h.

Hikvision NP-SC5030 X-ray baggage scanner has following key features:

  • High performance with HD image, strong penetration, precise recognition
  • Adopts embedded windows operating system with multi-core ARM
  • Energy saving and environment protection with low power consumption
  • Supports real-time monitoring
  • Supports multiple image processing mode
  • Supports POST (power on self-test)
  • 64X zoom in
  • One-touch power off
  • Energy-saving working mode for conveyor
  • Shock-proof design

Hikvision NP-SC5030 X-ray baggage scanner product solutions and application scenarios. These include Airport, Transportation, Government, Express, Factory, Library, Museum, Mall and Exhibition Hall.The X-ray baggage scanner is available in six different modules and different sizes. It can detect organic (Water, Oil, Plastic, Wood, Paper, Food), mixture (Sand, soil, glass, rubber, compounds and other substances) and Inorganic matter (Iron, steel, wire and brass compounds and Lead Block).

Available Models- NP-SC5030, NP-SC6550, NP-SC8065-S, NP-SC5030M-S, NP-SC6550M-S, NP-SC10080M-S.

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