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One of India’s largest broking firms, invested in Matrix Telecom Solutions to transition from Wired Communication to VoIP Communication.

Customer Name:

Broking Firm based in Mumbai



Products offered:

  • Matrix Server-based IP-PBX – ANANT
  • Matrix range of VoIP – PRI Gateway – SETU VTEP 4P
  • Matrix range of IP Phone – SPARSH VP510E and SPARSH VP210


  • Mumbai


SMB Automation

Company Overview: 

The brokerage firm stands as one of the largest in India, providing a range of investment services including online and offline trading, mutual funds transactions, demat accounts, portfolio management services, insurance, fixed deposits, and loans. The firm is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. It is also registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as a Merchant Banker.


The Brokerage firm was initially using telecommunication devices of an International brand. The international brand was unable to provide services during critical times. A transition was needed from wired communication to VoIP-based communication. Since the operations were meant to be swift and consequent, especially during trading sessions, a seamless connection became a necessity.

To elaborate on their challenges:

  • Adoption of modern communication with existing Infrastructure: Their investment in existing infrastructure needed protection, and a provision had to be made to modernize the communication using existing infrastructure.
  • Managing different protocols: Interface with existing and different telecom networks requires managing different protocols, which can be cumbersome, time, and energy-consuming.
  • Scalability and Redundancy: They required a solution that was future-proof, that is, easily scalable to fulfill the needs of future applications. Additionally, Redundancy (backup) was to ensure the operations were flawless, especially during critical work hours.
  • Requirement of modern phone features: They required advanced features like Global Abbreviated Dialing, Auto Redial, Call Pick Up, and Internal Call Restriction, to become efficient in day-to-day operations.
  • Stipulated Time-frame: The transition and modernization, simultaneously, had to be completed within a stipulated time frame.


Matrix Comsec in partnership with SMB Automation analyzed the challenges of communications and crafted a solution that was the best fit. The solution offered was based on the prelude of utilizing existing infrastructure and amalgamation of Matrix Telecom Solutions within a stipulated time frame. This included the installation of Server-based IP-PBX and integration of VoIP-PRI Gateway that optimized the feasibility of communication and helped the firm become more efficient by terminating 8 PRI lines over copper.

The solution includes:

  • The Server-based IP-PBX, ANANT enabled them up to 5000 IP users. Additionally, features like Active-standby Redundancy, Call Pick-up, Global Abbreviated Dialing, Auto Redial, Futuristic Conferencing of up to 1536 participants, etc. took them to a notch above the foreign brand, they earlier preferred.
  • The VOIP-PRI gateway included SETU VTEP 4P, which comes with features of 125 SIP Trunks and 120 simultaneous calls. The gateway enabled them to terminate 8 Copper PRI lines and thus transition towards IP.
  • The IP phones included SPARSH VP510E and SPARSH VP210. This came with features like an LCD Graphical display, Context-sensitive keys, Built-in 16 DSS Keys, Polyphonic ring tune, and much more.


The solution so implemented enabled them to reap the benefits of modern communication while also enabling them to make the best out of the existing infrastructure.

  • Matrix engineered a solution with a Call pick-up feature through Server-based PBX ANANT that was of great application, giving a customized experience. Active standby Redundancy ensured uninterrupted communication.

  • The VOIP-PRI gateway, SETU VTEP, provided much-needed Least-cost routing ensuring that the call is always placed on the most appropriate network resulting in the optimization and feasibility of calls. Access to the gateway was secured through PIN Authentication, while Digest Authentication ensured verification and protection of user credentials during the authentication process.

The IP desk phones helped provide advanced features like Call Pick up, Call Forward, Call Waiting, and Call Transfer along with an Intuitive interface, that enabled employees to become efficient while simultaneously, enhancing user experience.


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