Integrating IoT with Gas Detection System for enhanced Safety

In situations like working in confined spaces, coal mines, petrochemical industries, or industries where processes include the use of various gases, there is often risk of hazardous gas leakage or concentration of hazardous gases go above permissible limits.

To avoid the occurrence of such a poisoning accident, installing a suitable gas detector is the best possible solution that alerts not just the nearby working personnel but also the officials sitting at the corporate office.
Almost all gas detectors are equipped with the system of triggering an alarm when the particular gas in the area exceeds the warning threshold. That’s what these detectors are meant for.

However, the new state of the art gas detectors are now connected with IoT modems. These IoT modems help in transmitting the received data information from the device to the cloud platform.

The cloud platform receives data in real time, and sends notifications by way of text or email alerts to prompt the officials. This in turn assists the officials to determine the pros and cons of the working environment according to the data, and timely informs the maintenance personnel to take countermeasures.

At the same time, the data can be displayed in the form of configuration in the cloud, providing a powerful data reference for the next step of work.

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