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India’s Largest Eyewear Chain Secures 1500+ Retail Outlets with Matrix IP Cameras and NVRs

Industry: Retail

Location: Pan India

Company Profile

Founded in 2010, by a  passionate techie with a dream to make the world, vision-deficit-free, the leading eyewear chain has been revolutionizing the eyewear industry of India.

With a rapidly growing business, it aims to reach over 50 million pair of eyes (5 crore people) annually through a unique combination of a robust online platform, well-designed physical stores, and innovative ‘home eye checkup’ and 3D Try On services.

The company’s objective is to offer each customer the opportunity to access top-notch eyeglasses by removing intermediaries, leveraging advanced robotic technology, and integrating global-standard designs into its merchandise.


  • Required a reliable Indian brand that could provide pre and post-sales support throughout India. Matrix’s competitor brands had failed to provide tech support in some remote locations in India
  • Need for effective monitoring in critical areas of the store: Entrances, Exits, Aisles, Cash Counters, and Inventory
  • Need for a solution that provided valuable video evidence for dispute resolution and liability claims
  • Required efficient monitoring at night to mitigate the risk of thefts

Solution Offered

The eyewear chain relied on Matrix for its video surveillance needs as they were highly satisfied with Matrix Access Control and Matrix Telecom solutions, previously.

Earlier, they had installed Matrix IP Cameras, Video Recorders, and Matrix Video Management Software for centralized monitoring.

With expanding stores across India, they chose Matrix again due to satisfactory results in the past.

1500+ store locations pan India were secured with Matrix IP Cameras and NVRs.

A typical deployment in the store included installing 4 to 5 Matrix Professional Series Dome IP Cameras inside the store.

The cameras were strategically placed at the following locations:

  • Outside the Store Premises
  • Entry/ Exit of the Store
  • Product Display Aisle to Monitor Customer Interactions
  • Cash Counters
  • Inventory In the Store

An 8-channel Matrix NVR with 1 SATA Port was installed within each store to record and store video footage from these IP cameras.

A particular location in South India required a centralized monitoring solution. For this purpose, Matrix SATATYA SAMAS, Enterprise Video Management Software (VMS) was provided. With the help of this solution, various multi-location cameras could be centrally monitored from a single location.

Products Offered

  • SATATYA MIDR20FL36CWS (5000+)
    2MP IR Dome Camera with 3.6mm Fixed Lens
  • SATATYA NVR0801X (1000+)
    8 Channel NVR with 1 SATA Port Support
    2MP IR Bullet Camera with 2.8mm Fixed Lens
    5MP IR Bullet Camera with 2.8mm Fixed Lens
    2MP PTZ Cameras with 33x Optical Zoom
    64 Channel NVR with 8 SATA Ports
  • Matrix License Dongle 200
    USB Dongle to Run License VMS Application
    Enterprise Video Management Software
  • SATATYA SAMAS CAM100 (3Nos.)
    100 Camera License for Enterprise VMS

Solution Diagram


 Pan India Pre and Post-Sales Support: The team at Matrix ensured seamless deployment of cameras and NVRs even in the most remote locations of India. Further, the eyewear chain was assured of technical support whenever required.

  • Comprehensive Security: Matrix IP Cameras and Network Video Recorders ensured robust security coverage for the brand’s retail outlets throughout India.
  • Preventive Crime Measures: Intelligent Video Analytics and Instant Notifications played a crucial role in deterring and preventing shoplifting, vandalism, etc.
  • Enhanced Nighttime Security: The Motion Detection IVA feature in Matrix IP Cameras specifically addressed heightened security concerns during store closure. It triggered instant SMS and email notifications to relevant staff upon detecting motion, proactively preventing incidents even after closing hours.
  • Efficient Bandwidth and Storage: The Adaptive Streaming and Smart Streaming Feature in Matrix IP Cameras intelligently managed bandwidth and storage usage, optimizing resources.
  • Customized Recording Retention: Matrix NVRs have camera-wise recording retention, enabling tailored storage duration for each camera’s recordings and backups, further enhancing storage efficiency.

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