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How combining radar and video maximizes your perimeter security

Sometimes, two technologies are better than one, and security solutions that integrate video and radar capabilities are a great example of this. By combining these two powerful technologies, you can boost your perimeter security with multi-dimensional perception – which helps you see and respond to incidents faster,” says Max Fang, Director of Video Security Products at Hikvision.

Radar and video are very different technologies with different security applications. However, putting them together gives you a sum that is much bigger, and more effective, than the parts.

So how exactly does combining video and radar maximize your perimeter security?

The value of ‘multi-dimensional awareness’

By bringing video and radar together, you can achieve what we call multi-dimensional awareness – a kind of superpower that allows you to detect and verify perimeter security threats, and take fast, effective action to minimize negative impacts of a breach.

The first awareness ‘dimension’ comes from radar, which allows you to detect people or vehicles crossing your perimeter boundary, and to follow them around to ensure they only access authorized areas of your site. The second ‘dimension’ is smart, high-resolution video, which helps you identify potential security threats quickly, see exactly what occurs, and respond faster to security breaches to protect people and assets.

And with properly integrated video and radar solutions, you can do even more. It’s possible, for example, to train cameras on people in radar range who enter restricted areas.

So why isn’t everyone doing it?

While the security potential of integrated video and radar solutions is huge, the practice is a little more complicated. You could consider integrating radar with video yourself, for example, or working with partners to do the integration work, but the time and costs involved may be prohibitive – and the right skills are hard to find.

To help you overcome these challenges and maximize your perimeter protection, Hikvision has created the industry’s first all-in-one Radar PTZ solution. This combines a Hikvision radar sensor with a latest generation Hikvision PTZ camera and deep learning capabilities to help you identify security threats and respond faster to any incidents.

The 3 top benefits of Hikvision Radar PTZ

When the Hikvision radar sensor detects a moving object, an alert is sent to the integrated PTZ camera, which zooms in and focuses on it to see if it is a human or vehicle of interest. An alert is also sent to the security team automatically, helping you respond faster to protect your people and assets.

The 3 top benefits of the solution are:

  1. Fast, automated threat detection
    based on AI algorithms that differentiate people and vehicles from other moving objects. The camera in the PTZ unit is triggered by potential security threats picked up by the radar sensor, allowing security teams to verify security incidents quickly and easily.

  1. Large coverage area with the ability to follow multiple people and vehicles
    The Radar PTZ gives you 100 meters of radar coverage, allowing your security team to follow multiple people and vehicles of interest as they move around your site and respond faster in the event of a security breach.

  1. Rapid, cost-effective deployment
    Our solution is very quick and easy to install, with a simple portal for configuring devices. This ensures that the entire deployment process is fast and simple.

Boosting perimeter security for businesses of all types and sizes

By offering multi-dimensional perception with integrated radar and video sensors in the same unit, the Hikvision solution is helping all kinds of organizations to enhance their perimeter security, from industrial sites and construction sites, to automotive dealerships, universities, mines, and a wide range of other sites and facilities.

  • Solution or technology name
    Hikvision Radar PTZ solution
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    All industry sectors
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    Radar, smart video, video security, perimeter security, AI, multi-dimensional awareness, integrated video and radar



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