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How CCTV Cameras at home and residential buildings can boost security

The importance of the CCTV and IP video security cameras in the home and residential segment is gaining popularity. This trend is helping the cause of residential and home security in a big way. The advanced video security cameras have proactive capability to capture the video footage of any security incident and relay it as a real–time alert. These cameras capture the post event evidence class video for forensic investigation by the law enforcement agencies. Home Security Cameras also act as a deterrent in the cases of theft, violence and crimes.  In these uncertain times when the crime rate is rapidly growing in the cities, it is imperative to have a home security camera installed for securing the family and valuable assets.

Technologies and CCTV Types  

There are two types of video cameras available in the market based on the technology, one is analog camera and another is IP camera. There is another category of special advanced AI enabled AIoT cameras, which comes with smart features, business intelligence and video content analysis (VCA). These cameras are embedded with deep learning algorithms to enable smart features and real-time alerts. The Video Security cameras come in different sizes, shapes and specifications as per their application scenarios and functionality. Some of the standard types of video security cameras based on the shape and size are: Bullet, Dome, Box, Turret, Fisheye and PTZ, etc.

Advantages and ROI

The benefits of home video security cameras are many. The CCTV cameras perform very well on the return on investment (ROI) parameters.  These video security cameras act as a deterrent to crimes, criminals and threats. To keep the home and family secured from the internal and external threats video security cameras are essential. These cameras monitor the home or residential site in a mission critical manner (24X7 for 365 days).

These cameras monitor the home as per the requirement and scenarios, it enhances the security quotient by many notches. The video security cameras help to safeguard the elderly family members, women, kids and infants from any possible threat. The office goers and working women professionals can keep a careful watch on their home with the help of mobile app.  These cameras provide vital clues to the law enforcement agencies. The video security camera footage gives evidence and chronology of the incident to crime investigation team. The evidence class footage helps to identify the culprits and resolve the cases. These cameras are helpful during cases of fire, earthquakes, floods and other emergency situations.

Professional CCTV Camera Installation

Planning security systems for home and residential building requires serious consultation with experts. One must do proper budget allocations for the key components, cabling and storage. Any cost cutting or compromise may lead to various complications in the security management. The specifications, compatibility and warranties of systems need to be checked thoroughly.  A professional execution by the system integrator must be backed by regular maintenance and video security audit.It is always good to have a professional system integrator or installer to get the video security cameras installed at home to get the best results. The installation process involves site survey, choosing the right type of camera, perfect cabling and effective video storage solution.

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