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The Japanese life safety manufacturer, Hochiki, has launched a new range of hybrid radio fire detection and alarm equipment into India. The Ekho product range is EN54-25 approved, RED compliant and takes hybrid radio fire detection to new levels of reliability, flexibility and performance.

Using the latest in radio networking technology, the Ekho hybrid radio system provides a robust ‘always on’ network of devices which can communicate at greater distances than previous technologies and automatically adapt to changing environmental conditions – offering installers an unparalleled level of reliability and flexibility.

Unlike some other radio-linked systems, Ekho utilises a “mesh network” technology where, in large installations, radio devices are not tied to specific expanders, which are installed to boost radio signals to extend the range of a system. Instead, each field device instinctively chooses its parent expander based on the strength of the signal pathway back to the loop-powered translator, with expanders automatically forming a bi-directional network for delivering information to the main control panel. In the event where an expander’s signal is compromised, the radio field device will automatically find and connect to an alternative expander with the next strongest signal pathway – providing end-users with enhanced safety benefits.

The range is extremely versatile, offering a selection of sensor types, as well as I/O units, a sounder, a sensor/voice-sounder/VAD and a manual call point all of which have been designed to operate on the region’s prescribed radio frequency of 865 MHz. Its simplified design ensures that products in the series are easy to install, while the faster commissioning process, which can be carried out off-site, saves installers time on projects.

Utilising hybrid radio systems negates the need to install cables therefore guaranteeing minimum disturbance to surroundings during installation – making the range an ideal choice for historic buildings, remote or temporary sites, off-site modular construction and any project where the installation of fire cabling is too difficult, overly expensive or prohibited.

Rohit Harjani, country manager at Hochiki Europe India Branch Office based in New Delhi commented: “The digital age has affected every part of our lives, and life safety is no exception.

Our Ekho product range offers radio solutions to a range of what can be complex project challenges. As with all Hochiki products, the range is intelligent and ultra-dependable, offering users a future-proofed life safety system.”

For more information about Hochiki’s Ekho range visit:

Hochiki is a wholly independent, multinational, publicly listed group of companies with over 2000 employees working across six manufacturing plants, 38 sales offices and 14 subsidiaries.

For over 100 years Hochiki Corporation based in Tokyo, Japan, has led the way in the design and manufacture of innovative life safety solutions. Its leading edge commercial and industrial fire detection and emergency lighting products have acquired global acceptance as the benchmark for high-integrity and long-term reliability.

Hochiki’s European headquarters were established in 1993 in the UK. Operating under Hochiki Europe, the business provides advanced fire detection and emergency lighting systems across the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. The Hochiki Europe India Branch Office provides sales, consultancy and technical support to the Indian sub-continent.

At present, Hochiki Europe builds in excess of 1 million conventional and intelligent detectors and ancillaries per year at its purpose-built production facility. To find out more about the full range of Hochiki Europe products, visit:

For Press Information and hi-res images, please contact:
Vineet Jain at Hochiki Europe India Branch Office
T: +91 92051 35010

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