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HIKROBOT Introduces Latest Machine Vision Photoelectric Sensors for Myriad Distance Detection Applications

Hikrobot has recently introduced the latest Machine Vision Photoelectric Sensors for various distance detection applications in India.  These photoelectric sensors were introduced to enable a wider range of applications across the verticals.

Commenting on HIKROBOTS’s latest product offering Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd. said, “India is experiencing a new wave of growth in the factory automation and machine vision segment. We are happy to share the latest Photoelectric Sensors for myriad Distance Detection Applications to make complete solution for Machine Vision.”

It is interesting to elaborate the how Machine Vision technology works with help of photoelectric sensors. The photoelectric sensors transmit “light” such as visible light and infrared light through the transmitter, which then detects changes in the amount of light reflected or blocked by the detected object through the receiver to obtain an output signal. Since detection can be performed without contact, the detection object will not be scratched or the sensor itself will be damaged, extending the service life and requiring no maintenance. At the same time, compared to other sensors, photoelectric sensors can be stable in high frequency electromagnetic fields and noise ambient to achieve long distance detection.

The Photoelectric Sensor feature, includes following functions.

Excellent protection performance: The standard size sensor achieves IP67 protection rating and is able to suppress interference from sunlight, high-frequency LED light sources and strong electromagnetic ambient.

Wide range of detection objects: With the help of small point and laser technology, long-distance detection of various materials and scenes can be achieved.

Standard Size: Standard 25.4mm mounting hole pitch, M3 metal screw holes for secure mounting in a variety of industrial applications.

Application Scenarios:  The key application scenarios of these photovoltaic sensors, include long range detection, accurate distance measurement, highly reflective object detection, transparent object detection, black object detection, ultra-small work piece detection, speed gate detection.

The product selection can be done through various specifications like Thrubeam, Retro-reflective, Diffuse Reflective, Diffuse reflective with distance-settable, Diffuse reflective definite reflective, Time of flight, etc.

Hikrobot is a global product and solution supplier specializing in machine vision and mobile robots. Focused on IIoT, smart logistics, and smart manufacturing, we build open cooperation ecosystems, provide services to industry and logistics customers, and are committed to continuously promoting intelligentization and leading the intelligent manufacturing process.

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