EZVIZ C4W Smart Wi-Fi Camera is the Perfect Outdoor Guardian



EZVIZ is a global smart home security brand, which offers innovative security solutions for home and offices alike. Its product range consists of high quality and state of the art smart cameras and security systems, which are super easy to connect and install.

The C4W Camera is equipped with active defence feature. When someone enters protected areas at specific times that you set, the C4W will flash a warning light and play a sound to drive intruders away. Once alarm is triggered, a notification will be sent to your smartphone, which helps you to view what’s happened and take necessary actions accordingly.

The C4W Camera has advanced features like customizable voice alerts, which helps you to remind visitors in a gentle way that they’ve entered protected area. The C4W Camera lets you create three 10-second audio recordings on the EZVIZ App so that you can protect your property in your own way by playing out the audio in case of an intrusion. You can create messages like “You are on private property” or “intrusion alert” or anything of your liking which will be played out in case of an intrusion on your property.

C4W Camera comes with advanced motion detection feature which helps you customise the motion detection zones to suit your needs. It lets you draw specific zones of interest on the EZVIZ App and adjust motion detection sensitivity to provide just the right amount of security you need. Featuring 1080p full-HD resolution, the C4W Camera delivers crystal clear monitoring video all day and night. Plus, a super night vision system allows you to see image details up to 30 meters (98 feet) away in the dark.

C4W Camera uses latest H.265 video compression technology which provides clearer and smoother video while reducing both the need for bandwidth and data storage space. The C4W camera has two built in antennas to ensure a robust and reliable WiFi connection.

C4W Camera has IP67 certified water and dust protection design, and turret housing to deliver peace of mind – no matter what the weather is. You are assured of safety of your premises with high quality images without any disruption in all kind weather.

With multiple storage options, you can choose where to save your recordings. The camera supports micro SD card up to 256GB. You can also chose to cable as it is equipped with a LAN port. At the same time, you can use EZVIZ cloud storage to keep your data safe in highly secure and encrypted EZVIZ cloud storage.

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