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A Leading Oil Corporation relied on Matrix Telecom Solutions for their Multi-location Communication Needs.

Customer Name:
Leading Oil Corporation


Products offered:

  • Matrix range of IP-EAPBX – ETERNITY PENX6SAC
  • Matrix range of VoIP – FXO – FXS Gateways – SETU VFX808
  • Matrix range of IP Phone – SPARSH VP510E and SPARSH VP210


SMB Automation

Company Overview:
A Government of India-owned multinational oil company with a registered office in Mumbai is ranked amongst the Fortune Global 500 list of the world’s biggest corporations. Owing to its consistent growth in refining capacity, the corporation is expanding at a rapid pace.

As a rapidly growing corporate, multi-location offices are a necessity. They have two large sheds within some distance from each other. Their other offices geographically away but in the same city had to be connected with the same telephone network. Multi-location communication can prove to be an expensive affair if communication devices are not chosen wisely.

To elaborate on their challenges:

  • Transition to modern communication with existing Infrastructure: Their investment in existing infrastructure needed protection while also a provision had to be made to modernize the communication using existing infrastructure.
  • Managing different protocols: Interface with existing and different telecom networks requires managing different protocols, which can be cumbersome, time, and energy-consuming.
  • Requirement of modern phone features: They required advanced features like Abbreviated Dialing, Call Pick Up, and Internal Call Restriction, to become efficient in day-to-day operations.

Matrix Comsec in partnership with SMB Automation analyzed the challenges of communications and crafted a solution that was the best fit. The solution offered was based on the fundamentals of Multi-location communication solutions. This included the Matrix range of IP-PBX – ETERNITY PENX6SAC, VoIP – FXO – FXS Gateway – SETU VFX808 that optimized the feasibility of communication and helped the firm become more efficient.

Solution includes:
The IP-PBX included ETERNITY PENX6SAC. This enabled them access to 4G VoLTE ports, up to 100 IP users, LDAP Client support, and much more.

  • The VoIP – FXO – FXS Gateway included SETU VFX808 which enabled them a smooth transition to modern communication while maintaining existing infrastructure through features like 9 SIP accounts, peer-to-peer and proxy calling between distant locations, etc.
  • The IP phones included SPARSH VP510E and SPARSH VP210. This came with features like an LCD Graphical display, Context-sensitive keys, Built-in 16 DSS Keys, Polyphonic ring tune, and much more.

Application Diagram:


The solution so implemented enabled the geographically distant properties to work as a single communication platform and proved to be beneficial in more than one way.

  • The Hybrid IP-PBX enabled them, Universal Network Connectivity through PSTN, GSM, and VoIP connectivity, LDAP Client Support to centralize and ease phonebook management, Logical Partitioning that prevents the conduct of any legal offenses related to Telecom regulations, and much more.
  • The VoIP – FXO – FXS Gateway enabled them, VoIP access to traditional PBX, Multi-site connectivity with centralized telecom management, Next-generation conveyance facilities like call detail records of up to 2000 calls, Secure communication bridging with VoIP security over SRTP/TLS encryption, etc.
  • The IP desk phones helped provide advanced features like Call Pick up, Call Forward, Call Waiting, and Call Transfer along with an Intuitive interface, that enabled employees to become efficient as well as enhanced user experience.




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