AI-powered End-to-End Thermal Video Technology Solutions can Protect Businesses: Ashish Dhakan

FOCUS (the Forum of Critical Utility Services), hosted the 3rd Knowledge Series   Webinar on 7 May. The theme of the webinar was ‘Best Practices in Managing New Normal’: CCTV & Movement control by Adopting Latest Technologies (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning).  In his opening remark Mr. V. Suresh, President, Forum of Critical Utility services, said, “The pandemic has permanently changed the nature and landscape of work, and both employees and employers are already adjusting to this new reality. Technology plays a central role in this new normal, which will change the definition of the workplace. Deployment of new solutions will provide additional safety for those, who are working  in Healthcare, Hospitality Industry, Government, Educational Institute, Retail, Project Management, manufacturing, Worship places. This event is aimed to provide you knowledge on practical implementation of solutions.

In his keynote address as a Chief Guest, Mr. Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, Prama Hikvision India and Chairman- Security at FOCUS, briefly gave an overview of the ongoing efforts to minimize the pandemic risks through AI enabled thermal technology and solutions. “In these challenging times FOCUS is doing lots of good work, which is an incredible thing. Being proactive and creating awareness about security technology is an empowering vision for all the stakeholders’ of critical utilities. The need of thermal screening technology in the Security and  Surveillance Industry under the present circumstances is felt more than ever,” said Mr. Ashish P. Dhakan.

He further added, “The challenge today is how to ensure public safety as efficiently as possible, without affecting the business interests. As we adjust to a new way of life, businesses must embrace innovative ways to optimize the density and flow of people through their premises, to protect workers, customers and visitors, while also protecting their businesses. The AI-powered end-to-end video technology solutions can support businesses of all sizes in this endeavour.”

After the keynote address, Mr. Vinay Mishra, Senior Vice President, Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd. gave his presentation on AI-powered end-to-end thermal video technology solutions related to Temperature Screening , Mask detection, Flow Control and Social Distancing Solutions. He elaborated on the key features of technology and the advantages it offers in various application scenarios like hospitality, healthcare, retail, banking, education and transportation verticals.

He further added, “For even greater reassurance, businesses can add in thermal and mask-detection camera technology, to help ensure people are safe to enter a location in the first place. AI-powered cameras can intelligently identify whether someone is wearing a mask, while also effectively checking their skin-surface temperatures. Equipped with this information, staff can then take appropriate action to reduce the risk of viral spread.”

As a co-presenter in the FOCUS webinar, Mr. Ashish Gujarathi, AVP, Non CCTV Products (Access Control, Intrusion Alarm, VDP and Perimeter Security) explained the key functions of Thermal Technology, Contactless Facial Recognition Terminals with temperature Screening and mask wearing alerts, Walkthrough Metal Detector Door with Temperature Screening, flow control, People counting and social distancing solutions. He further elaborated on key aspects of thermal technology and systems that are helping to protect people and businesses.

He further added,Intelligent video cameras, such as those within Flow Control Solution, use people-counting technology coupled with dynamic digital signage to display how many people are entering and leaving a building or indoor area. The cameras feature highly accurate 3D binocular vision and deep learning algorithms to accurately count the number of people flowing through, even in the busiest sites with multiple entrances and exits,”

At the webinar, the Prama Hikvision representatives had a Q&A session with the participants and answered the queries. The webinar was moderated by Mr. K.P. Dominic Chairman of Marketing & Events, FOCUS. Mr. A.L. Narasimhan, General Secretary, FOCUS, thanked all the participants, presenters and the chief guest for making the 3rd Knowledge Series webinar a resounding success.  The webinar had the convergence of end-users, industry leaders, academic experts, system integrators and partners, which provided a unique opportunity for sharing the latest technology knowledge, experience, and ideas to provide a solution in the times of pandemic.